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May 16‚ 2018 

I flew Airkenya to Maasai Mara‚ Angama‚ on the 10.30am flight with a group of 5 colleagues on 09th May. I feel I must commend the fantastic reception we received on arrival at your check-in desk that morning. your staff were all very warm and friendly which made us feel quite at home.  The lady and gentleman pilots who flew us to Angama were also very welcoming and very pleasant.


On the return sector on 12th May we were booked on the 11.15am flight. This time round to our pleasant surprise we had two lady pilots. They were very informative‚ helpful and very pleasant. 


I thank you and your team for such wonderful service and  certainly look forward to the next trip on Airkenya to Angama‚ which was also a most amazing place.




Philip Gitao.